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2019 Recovering Human LLC

The mastermind principle was originated by Napoleon Hill in 1937. He wrote, ‘No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand.’ He defined a mastermind as ‘the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work towards a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.’


In reality, masterminds existed long before Hill, though they’ve gone by different names and frameworks. If we look back to the 1700s, we stumble upon Paris Salons during the Age of Enlightenment. The hosts, Salonnieres, were women who curated and created these gatherings, presenting opportunities for enlightened conversation surrounding philosophy, politics, the arts, science, anything that stimulated the mind for growth or entertainment. In addition to the benefit of enlightened and stimulating discourse from all attendees, both male and female, it was an intentional way for women to engage in greater cultural, intellectual and political conversation, something they were otherwise barred from in outside society. 


Benjamin Franklin's Junto Club, also called the Leather Apron Club, gathered weekly, to discuss morals, politics, philosophy and more. He considered it a place of mutual improvement. It was here within the group of 12 men, diverse in occupation and interest, that the very first lending library was born, along with the first generation of volunteer firefighting organizations. Franklin devised a group of questions to help guide discussion, as well as to provide an intention for the club’s time together. Franklin aimed for the group's interactions to 'be conducted in the sincere spirit of inquiry after truth, without fondness for dispute or desire of victory...'


We can also head to one of the notorious Blue Zones of the world. Blue Zones are the areas where people have been shown to have the most longevity and greatest health. There has been extensive research as to why this occurs. Okinawa, Japan, is a Blue Zone and home to the highest concentration of centenarians anywhere on the globe. It is also where the tradition of 'moai' exists. 'Moai' means ‘meeting for a common purpose’ in Japanese. Moais are lifelong friends or social support groups that begin at the earliest of ages and span until death. A moai gathers weekly to provide varying levels of engagement and time together, an intimate circle of trust and support. Moais are one of the leading factors in the long lives of the Okinawan people.


Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie were all brilliant thinkers who gathered together with others. In fact, they would mastermind with each other, gathering together regularly while wintering in Florida.


Masterminds are not new. Entrepreneurs swear by them. Millionaires belong to them. Businesses expand exponentially as a result of them. You may be thinking, ‘Great, what does that have to do with me, Molly?’ 


I share this with you so you can see the origins and the outcomes. I share this because sometimes we must see to believe. I share this with you because I am presenting an opportunity for you to find the benefit of community, creation and connection firsthand. And, just as those before us have gathered in intimate community, in their own ways, with their own intentions and purpose, we will be doing the same with Daybreak.

What is Daybreak?

Daybreak is a gathering for those on the threshold. It is for the individual who has been sitting in wait, fermenting and gestating. It is for the being who is ready to move from the shadows of thought into the light of action. It is for those who have heard the call of their inner being and are ready for expression. Daybreak is a bridge from the old to the new. If you have been thinking, wishing or on the edge of a dream, goal or personal change, this is the place for you as you bring this next layer of growth into fruition. Daybreak is for those that are ready to step forward. You do not need to be an entrepreneur. You do not need to be a professional or an artist. You do not need to be age 25. You do not need to be 65.

If you are any of those things, great! Just know that it isn't required.

The only thing you need to be is ready.


Daybreak is shining the light on collective wisdom, creative thinking and growth. Daybreak is calling us back to the strength of our creativity and our community. It is calling for alignment and heart centered action. Daybreak is the dawning that it is time.


Your time.

Yet, you won't be acting alone. Many of us struggle with feeling disconnected, despite being more technologically connected than ever before. We are missing voices in the crowd that tell us our crazy ideas can actually come to life. We are missing understanding around our creative hearts. We are missing the outward expression of our deepest and most soulful selves. We are missing the community in which we feel safe enough, free enough and supported enough to step out into the light.

This is the space for breakthrough.

Daybreak is a container, a holding space for you to show up within. It invites you to be present weekly. In fact, it demands it. The space you may not have otherwise created for yourself is here and waiting. And, if you decide to join, you must show up. This is a full out commitment to yourself and to the others in the group. This container reinforces shifting and accountability week in and week out for 4 full months. That may sound big or even a little scary. It is big. We are calling you to a more expansive place.


This is also a space for diversity of thought and experience. Daybreak is an open environment where every person sitting at the table has lived an experience both vastly different and as universally true as their seat mates. With this in mind, we are reminded of the beauty and value of being human while welcoming others into our vulnerability and growth. 


Masterminds not only allow us to tap into the collective intelligence, they also demand that we step into our own. Just as others will be stepping forward to support us, we too will be called upon to gather and share our wisdom. This engaged act results in its own upleveling of self.


In short, it’s pretty rad AND it's fun.

The Details

Daybreak is a 4 month long mentorship and mastermind hybrid. It will be a space of intimate community, no more than 6 people to a group, where you will bring a business project, a personal project or a creative project forth. From thought into being, from fear into freedom, from your depths into the light.


Each week the wisdom of the collective will be at the ready during our Mastermind Call. Support will be made available by each member, rotating throughout the call in order to engage everyone. During this 100 minute weekly call, in a round robin style, we will workshop whatever is needed for each individual in real and tangible ways. 


Separate from our mastermind meetings and the work towards your chosen endeavor, we will have month-long themes of reflection. The Reflection Pool will be a place new information is dropped each week. We will examine these reflections, sit with them, see what they bring up for us. These themes and reflections will have a designated home and include a place for discussion. 

We will have a Gold Mine, where anything you’re reading, listening to or watching can all be shared. Books, articles, documentaries, podcasts, you name it. The Gold Mine is a catch-all for the works of the world that have been beneficial to us, made us think more deeply or moved us forward in some way. The Gold Mine will be a place of contribution and collection.

One Hot Seat call will be awarded to each member of the group. This is a bonus mastermind call that will be solely dedicated to the needs of one individual and their chosen topic, project or discussion of choice for the entirety of that Hot Seat hour. This is a more comprehensive mastermind opportunity. Use it wisely.

You will receive, throughout our time together, 2 One-on-One hour long sessions with me to use as you see fit. These calls can be used for deeper guidance from me than may be possible during the mastermind group meetings and hot seat calls. 


You will be encouraged to engage in weekly prompted questions, fun and heartfelt, to allow your group members to get to know you more intimately outside of our mastermind and mentoring time together. 


Every call will be recorded, both group and individual, for re-watching or observing. These calls will be made available for all within the mastermind (unless specifically requested otherwise). This is done with the firmly held belief that in witnessing others, we are able to see ourselves.


For those in the group who would like to offer their time one to one with other members, this too will be an available option. Tapping into another member's wisdom, gifts or expertise is an added bonus of engaging in our intimate network.

Lastly, you will have ongoing access to your group members and myself via a private group platform. This can be used for inquiry, advice, connection or anything that may come up throughout the weeks.

Daybreak begins the first week of March and will go through the end of June, a full 4 months.


The sign-up deadline is Friday, February 28th.

At A Glance

What is a Mastermind?


A Mastermind & Mentorship For Those on The Threshold


Spring 2020

March - June


  • Start Date: March 2, 2020

  • End Date: June 28, 2020

  • Sign-Up Deadline: February 28, 2020

What's Included

  • An Intimate Mastermind Group 

  • 4 Months of Weekly Group Mastermind Video Calls 

  • A Dedicated Hot Seat Call 

  • 2 One-on-One Sessions with Molly

  • Private Group Platform 

  • 4 Months of Online Mentoring Support

  • Monthly Themes & Weekly Reflections

  • Gold Mine Community Resources

  • Access to Mastermind, Hot Seat & Individual Call Recordings 

  • Built-In Community & Network of Women

The Investment

A collective is an invaluable resource and growth opportunity. I hope you will recognize the payoff you will be receiving in advance. Investments in ourselves can feel difficult or uncomfortable. I understand this. I have been there. Before we make a big leap, in any area of life, there is usually a small voice that says ‘Wait, no! Not now because...’ We know this voice and it has been one that has kept those beautiful ideas, those deeper needs and those creations locked inside instead of gifted to the world. 


I am not telling you that you need Daybreak to walk forward into the truest expression of yourself. You don’t.

I believe you can do that all on your own. I believe we all can. I also know that it happens exponentially faster when we are supported, engaged and held accountable. It flows more easily when we have a place to go each week to bare our heart or think tank our ideas. It fortifies our being, both creative and personal, to have people next to us saying ‘I’m here with you and for you’.


With that in mind, the investment for Daybreak is $1500.


Payment Options: One time payment of $1500 or 4 monthly payments of $400

The Application

There is an application for those interested in joining Daybreak. I want to make sure that we are a match.

I also want to make sure that Daybreak group members are ready for forward movement. This isn’t intended for exclusion in any way. It is intended to make certain that all participants gain what they are seeking and that we are aligned in mission. While filling out an application does not commit you to Daybreak, please make certain that you are aware of and can make the financial commitment required if you are taking the step to apply.

Once you have filled out the application we will jump on a brief call to chat.


DEADLINE for sign-up is February 28th.

Sliding Scale Scholarship Opportunity:

Accessibility is important to me and, for this reason, I maintain a small number of slots for a Sliding Scale Scholarship. This allows for those otherwise unable to join, due to financial constraints, to have access to join Daybreak. Daybreak's Sliding Scale Scholarship is based off of an individual's income. If you are interested in joining but your income is not able to support this choice, please consider applying via the scholarship application. No shame in your upleveling game! All are welcome here.


If you are interested in filling out a Daybreak Sliding Scale Scholarship application, please do so HERE.


If you would like to make a donation to go towards the Daybreak Sliding Scale Scholarship thus increasing accessibility to community members, you can do that HERE.