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Recovering Human

This is an experience, a gathering so we can join together, holding space, sharing ourselves and doing all the real human stuff that normally scares the living shit out of us.

It's a 6 week group experience. We're gonna deep dive. We're gonna share. We're gonna connect. We're gonna let our human freak flags fly. We're gonna be open and honest.


We're all gonna show up with and for ourselves AND each other.


It's needed. It's time. 

Enrollment is open now. 

The Boundary Project

The Boundary Project is an 8-week long group program with weekly curriculum, group coaching and hands-on instruction that integrates personal development, value strengthening, purpose alignment and boundary education empowering you to live from a more rich and self attuned place.

Conscious boundaries are about saying yes, to all the things that matter most and all the ways that honor you.

The 2020 Winter Cohort will begin in January.

Enrollment is open now.

Care Kit

The Chronic Illness Care Kit is a 15 day guide created for those who may benefit from extra support as a result of managing a longterm health challenge or chronic illness.

This offering includes affirmations, self care tips, journal prompts, guided meditations and more.

It comes at an incredibly nominal cost, allows you to go at your own pace and once you purchase you will have open access to its offerings.

You are able to join and enroll at any time. 

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