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2019 Recovering Human LLC

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Recovering Human Experience & Workshop: A Return to the True Nature of Self 

What the heck are we all so damn scared of?  Why are we so terrified to make mistakes?  To say we're wrong or that we don't know what we are doing?  To live our lives in the ways that actually feel good to us?  To feel and to speak? To let people really see us?


Why are we so terrified of being human?


This idea kept knocking around in my head. What if we all dropped our defenses? What if we showed up raw, real and naked for each other?


'Hey, this is me, in all of my full human glory.'


I wanted to create a place for this. I wanted to create an experience, an environment so we could gather together, holding space, sharing ourselves and doing all the real human stuff that normally scares the living shit out of us.


I know it's needed. I know it's time. I know that in my own journey, when the cards were stacked against me and life was coming at me full steam ahead, rocking and rolling, like an iron maiden steam engine on acid, I had only one option.


I didn't need to armor up and go to battle. I had already done plenty of that in my life.




Instead, I needed to soften myself, expose my terrified and shaking underbelly, and allow myself to be seen for one of the first times in my life.


My god, was it hard. But, it was so, so worth it.


That's when I created Recovering Human. It's all about going back to our most true nature. Human nature.


Humans are flawed. We're vulnerable. We're thinking and feeling beings. It's why we are special. It's what sets us apart. It's also what complicates the living daylights out of our one true and precious life.


I wanted to figure out how to begin to get this message and this idea out there. Not in a lame sell it to you kind of way but in a, no shit, I can't believe we haven't been doing this sooner kind of way.


The best way I knew how to do that was to try to begin gathering people. I wanted to bring people together.


So, I started thinking about messages, conversations, groups and connection.


I thought about creating environments where we can share OUR human shit with other people going through THEIR human shit.


I thought about topics and themes, about the incredibly hard shit I've gone through in my life so far and all the hard shit the other people in my life have gone through.


And, I came up with a gathering place, a group experience where all of this could go down.


I hope you'll join me as this vision comes to life and these amazing groups of people come together.


In fact, I hope you'll be a part of experiencing it and creating it with me.


If you're human, you're invited.

The Details:

I am available for speaking, workshops and events.


In a workshop environment, Recovering Human integrates discussion, writing, meditation, group sharing and movement to bring us closer to ourselves and to nurture the connection back to our true nature, human nature. 

If you are a part of the Recovering Human experience, you will be making a commitment to the following:

  • I am going to embrace my vulnerability and fear, even if it makes me so uncomfortable I sweat buckets and want to find the nearest exit.

  • I am going to deepen my senses, even if I repeatedly become distracted, afraid or anxious. I will bring myself back to where my feet are.

  • I am going to fully let go, even if I am awkward and messy like a toddler. Toddlers don't give a damn and I won't either.

  • I am going to ground myself in the truth of the natural world, of which I come from and am a part of, just like the other members in this group and all living things around me.

  • I am going to connect with my inner knowing. If I am unsure about this, I will pause and check in.

  • I am going to practice radical honesty with myself and with others, even if it feels like I am jumping off a cliff with no harness. I may fumble but I am safe.

  • I am going to embrace all that is human within me because it is exactly who I am and it is so worth recovering.

We will use our time together to explore, unearth and share topics like:

Universal Truth and Connection

What is Your Story?

Self Assigned Roles & Rules

Going Toe to Toe with Our Inner Critic

Our Intuitive Believer

Fear, Shame & Joy

The Cost of Inaction


so much more

We are going to talk about the hard stuff, the human stuff. We are going to be vulnerable and open.

The Recovering Human experience is about exploration, discovery, connection, sharing and recovering the parts of ourselves we have left behind.

Who Is this For?

The Recovering Human experience is for absolutely everyone. From companies to yoga studios, from stay-at-home parents to CEOs, from the young to the old. It was created for every single person, for the weary, the emboldened, the seekers, the safe spacers, the growers, the quiet thinkers, the conversation starters,  the introverts, the baby steppers, the leap takers, the fearful and the change makers.

This experience was made for you. All of you.

How Do I Learn More?

If you are interested in attending an already existing event, head to the Events Calendar. If you're interested in bringing this experience to your company, your studio, private group or your local area, reach out at hi@mollyfranken.com.


Please note this is a paid venture for my time, efforts and, if required, travel. 

If you are not able to participate in an existing in-person offering, you are also welcome to join the

Recovering Human Experience & Group digital offering