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2019 Recovering Human LLC

I am a Mentor, Creative Partner and Writer.
I believe the following:

Being human is tricky. Sometimes our best stuff is also our worst stuff. Sometimes we act small when we really feel big. Sometimes we are hard when we want to be soft. Sometimes we say 'yes' when we really mean 'no'. Sometimes we are defensive when we really feel vulnerable. Sometimes we busy ourselves when all we really want is to feel deeply connected. Here's the deal: there is never a right or a wrong. There is just being human. How can we move towards the most human parts of ourselves so we aren't running in circles out of confusion, fear, guilt or shame? How do we trust moving forward when we have been knocked sideways by life? How can we show up in true and real ways that are intrinsic to our most core human nature? It's hard work but we can. We always can.


Doing this human thing is as beautiful as it is difficult. We end up with a lot of bumps and bruises along the way. As a result, many of us armor up and begin to protect ourselves. We power through when all we want to truly do is power down. We confuse love with codependency. We forget that we are the creators of our one precious life. We let the fear of being seen keep us hidden, from others and ourselves. We sabotage the hell out of the growth we are screaming for deep down. We hold on to what doesn't serve us anymore. We forget that growth, softening, creation and connection are all within reach.


Transforming ourselves into the person we've always known we can be is terrifying and the definition of a leap of faith at work. It can feel overwhelming to do this work alone, or to know where and how to begin. This work involves shedding layers of our current identity. It involves ushering in the new knocking at our door or the old, deep knowing that's been buried in us all along. When we have been stuck in patterns or continue to live in ways that keep us feeling small or stagnant, it can be so damn hard to see that bigger, better and more liberating answers are alive and all around us. We so often get caught up in the how of getting there, allowing this to paralyze or stall us in our human tracks.


When we have a mentor and partner in this work, shifts can begin to occur at a faster rate. Possibilities grow. Visions expand. Values become clear. Human magic is made. This is exactly why I am here. I am here to hold space for those greater possibilities, those expansive visions and those clear values. I am here to be your creative thinking partner, your bridge builder, your space holder, your mirror and your support in stepping back towards yourself and recovering your most beautiful and alive human nature. I am here to remind you of your innate value, your true potential and the accessibility of your 'how'.


Here's the catch: you must also show up. This is a commitment to you by you. Through our work together, you begin to build a bridge of trust back to yourself, to the very person you've been all along. I pledge to be honest, forthright and approach our work with great intention and, if we partner together, I will expect the same from you.

This Work Is For You If:

My Partnership Is a Fit:

  • You are tired of feeling stuck and frustrated.

  • You are ready to shift.

  • You are interested in letting go of limiting beliefs.

  • You are ready to own the depth and beauty of  your human nature.

  • You want to grow your vulnerability and allow yourself to be fully seen.

  • You are ready to nurture your creativity.

  • You are willing to accept that imperfection is part  of the game.

  • You would like a safe and creative space to call  forth the newer, bigger version of yourself.

  • You seek true and honest communication.

  • You want to empower yourself in the creation of a life you want.

  • You are ready to deeply connect with yourself and with others.

  • You are ready to grow: your business, yourself, your life or the maker instinct that lives within.

  • If you are feeling called to more.

  • If you are feeling uncertain, frustrated, stuck or just plain ol' tired.

  • If you like humor infused with hard work.

  • If you appreciate honesty and clarity.

  • If you maintain accountability.

  • If you are ready to take actionable steps.

  • If you have an open mind.

  • If you are ready to dip into the well of your creative self.

  • If the idea of personal freedom feels enticing.

  • If the idea of brainstorming, think tanking and creative problem solving sounds appealing 

  • If you are interested in working from a more heart-centered place.

  • If you are looking for a new way in and through your life, relationships and business.

  • If you recognize that the onus is yours

  • If you are ready to make an investment in yourself.

The one-on-on partnership is most ideal for you if you have an area of your life that you are ready to begin making shifts in. We will look at current patterns, areas of stagnation, belief systems and narratives while working towards change and growth in a healthy, human and heart centered way.


I feel strongly that empowerment, creativity, discovery, release and freedom are incredible tools in our transformations. During our time together, we will work towards actionable steps for positive change. I also believe in the power of integration during your time on your own and will provide guidance for individual work.

One-on-One Partnership Options

3 Month Partnership

What to expect in the 3 month partnership:


9 one-on-one 1 hour long meetings via video call. This allows for a 3 weeks on, 1 week off rhythm that I find to be beneficial for working together.


In between our one-on-one sessions, you will have accessibility to me via email so continued communication, exploration and connection is available throughout our partnership.


Cost: $2350

6 Month Partnership

What to expect in a 6 month partnership:


18 one-on-one 1 hour long meetings via video call. This allows for a 3 weeks on, 1 week off rhythm that I find to be beneficial for working together.


In between our one-on-one sessions, you will have accessibility to me via email so continued communication, exploration and connection is available throughout our partnership.


Cost: $4350

My One-on-One partnerships are created as a safe, fun and intentional way to do deep work. They are a loving invitation to return to the true nature of Self. If you have been hearing the siren call of human work, creativity and connection in your life, I hope you will choose me as your partner in forging your path forward. 

Reach out to me below and let's get started. 


I understand an investment in ourselves can feel big and even scary. If you have questions that remain or would like to speak before accepting this invitation, please reach out and we can set up a 20 minute chat to make sure that this partnership is for you.

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